Our Technology Will Bring Everyone Back to Work and Back to School and Live Normal Lives Again

The capability to test samples for the SARS virus and instantly deliver results represents a critical breakthrough that could finally allow businesses, schools and social organizations to re-open. This technology is applicable in areas where people need the security of knowing that they are in a SARS-free environment. For Example:

  • Medical offices, clinics and hospitals could instantly and accurately identify and then treat Covid-19 patients; while simultaneously protecting front-line healthcare workers from exposure.
  • Children could return to school and participate in sporting events.
  • Large groups of worshipers would again be able to attend their places of worship.
  • Rapid screening of workers and food products will improve food security.
  • Entertainment and sports venues could once again welcome fans.
  • Business and recreational travelers could regain confidence in travel by land, air, and water knowing fellow travelers have been screened and determined to be SARS Virus free.